NO*Fagerlis Manhattan and IC LeChatteragdoll Jesse Pinkmans kittens born 11 of march 2020. Pedigree:;2:1454969&g=4&p=rag&o=ajgrep

Gutt, blå bicolor, blått bånd.

Gutt, blå bicolor tabby, grønt bånd.

Gutt, blå bicolor tabby, lys grønt bånd.Oscar.Reservert

Gutt, blå bicolor, sort bånd.

Jente, blå bicolor tabby, orange bånd.

CH LeChatteragdoll Jesse Pinkman*Es and IC NO*Fagerlis Arete JW's kittens born 13 of february 2020. Pedigree:;2:1343122&g=9&p=rag&o=ajgrep

Gutt, blå bicolor tabby, gult bånd.

Gutt, blå bicolor tabby, lys lilla bånd.

Gutt, blå bicolor, lilla bånd. Tzatziki. Reservert.

Gutt, blå bicolor tabby, hvitt bånd.

Jente, blå bicolor tabby.

Roxanne and Jesse Pinkmans kittens.

  • NO*Fagerlis Pumpkin born 31 of Oct 2019. Girl. Evaluation.

    Parents GIC Eulalie Roxanne and CH LeChatte ragdoll Jesse Pinkman*Es. Sold.

  • NO*Fagerlis Trick or Treat born 31 of Oct 2019. Boy. Not available.

    Both kittens RAG a 03 21.
    Might be available.

Bella and Blue Candy Boys kittens born the 3 of oct 2019. The Aristocat litter.

NO*Fagerlis Berlioze. Blue mitted boy. Not available.

NO*Fagerlis Duchess, Seal mitted girl, not available

NO*Fagerlis O'Malley. Blue bicolor boy. Not available.

NO*Fagerlis Toulouse. Seal mitted boy. Not available.

NO*Fagerlis Amelia. Seal mitted girl. Not available.

NO*Fagerlis Mary's Boychild, sold.

  • Kittens born the 27 of December 2018. Joy to the World, girl. Stays in cattery.

    Parents is NO*Fagerlis Manhattan and IC NL Of Moonlightdolls Madhatters Shadow. Two boys and one girl. Breeders prebooked.

  • Mary's Boychild, gutt. Sold

  • Little Drummer Boy, sold.

NO* Fagerlis Esmeralda. Reserved

This litter is from GIC PL*Avocado Blue Candy Boy and GIC Eulalie Roxanne. Born the 14 of November 2018. Four beautiful girl. No kittens available.

NO*Fagerlis Cinderella, reserved

NO*Fagerlis Anastasia. Reserved

NO*Fagerlis Jasmine. Stays with us.

Arete og Blue Candy Boy ble foreldre den 17 sept-18. <3 a=p&ids=3:1280413;2:1343122&g=4&p=rag&o=ajgrep
NO*Fagerlis Prosecco. Not available

NO*Fagerlis Prosecco. Not available.

NO*Fagerlis Chianti Not available

NO*Fagerlis Amarone Not available

NO*Fagerlis Mies van der Rohe Not available

Seal bicolor gutt, NO*Fagerlis Blizzard,solgt

CH NO*Fagerlis Arete og IC Jørgårdens ASurprice Ompalompa JW's kattunger født 15 jan-18. 7 uker.;2:1343122&g=4&p=rag&o=ajgr

Blå bicolor gutt, NO*Fagerlis Tornado, solgt

Seal bicolor gutt, NO*Fagerlis Storm, solgt

Seal bicolor gutt, NO*Fagerlis Hurrycane, solgt

Blå bicolor jente, Blir her. NO*Fagerlis Sunshine,stays

Blå mitted gutt fra Enya og Sokrates født 21 des-17.


Blå mitted gutt.Solgt


Blå bicolor gutt.Solgt

Blå bicolor gutt.Solgt

Roxanne og Blue Candy Boy. Blå bicolor gutt. Reservert.

Born 28 oct-17. Solgt

Jenta i kullet. Blir hos forvert.

Blå gutt. Solgt

Brooklyn 8,5 weeks.

Lives with Stephan and Jessica.

NO*Fagerlis Pretty Woman. Solgt

NO*Fagerlis California Blue har flyttet til nytt hjem.

No*Fagerlis California Blue, to uker. Nydelig, stor rag a 04 (blå mitted). Sjokoladebærer. Foreldre Sokrates og Choco.

NO*Fagerlis Mimosa. Mimosa har flyttet til Marianne m/ fam. Foreldre er Enya og Blue Candy Boy.

Kull født/ litter born 25 jan-17.
parents Ch NO*Miragg's Choco Latte og IC PL*Avocado Blue Candy Boy.