New plans autumn and winter 2018/ 2019

  • GIC PL*Avocado Blue Candy Boy

  • CH NO*Fagerlis Arete JW is expecting kittens in september 2018.

  • GIC PL*Avocado Blue Candy Boy

  • IC Eulalie Roxanne

  • NO*Fagerlis Manhattan will be mated when she gets the heat this autumn. Who will be the father ;)

We are waiting for Roxanne to be in heat. This mating will be a repetition of the mating between IC Eulalie Roxanne and GIC PL*Avocado Blue Candy Boy. The last litter was so beautiful, and we hope for more girls this time. <3 They also both have a wonderful, relaxed temper.;2:1280413&g=4&p=rag&o=ajgrep

GIC PL*Avocado Blue Candy Boy and CH NO*Fagerlis Arete are expecting kittens in september. I am looking forward to this combination.;2:1343122&g=4&p=rag&o=ajgrep

We also have plans to mate NO*Fagerlis Manhattan (Roxanne and Blue candy Boy from last year). The father is not yet decided, but we have some plans here 😜

This winter Pl*Ragissa Bella JW, will also be matet. The father is not decided. Excited 😃