Plans 2019

  • PL*Ragissa Bella JW will be mated this winter

    Pedigree for the litter;2:1280413&g=4&p=rag&o=ajgrep

  • The father will be GIC PL*Avocado Blue Candy Boy

  • NO*Fagerlis Sunshine will hopefully be mated spring 2019

  • ES*Le Chatte Ragdoll Jesse Pinkman will hopefully be the father

  • CH NO*Fagerlis Arete Junior Winner.

    Arete will be mated when Jesse is ready spring/summer 2019.

  • Le Chatte Ragdoll Jesse Pinkman ES

  • Roxanne will be mated later this year. Father is planned to be Jesse Pinkman.

  • Manhattan will have her last litter this autumn. Also here Jesse is planned as a father.

 This winter Pl*Ragissa Bella JW, will be matet. The father will be GIC PL*Avocado Blue Candy Boy. Excited 😃

In the spring of 2019, Sunshine will be mated. (Parents CH NO*Fagerlis Arete JW and IC S*Jørgårdens ASurprice Ompalompa JW). Hopefully ES*LeChatte ragdoll Jesse Pinkman will be ready, but we will see.

Spring/summer 2019, we hopefully will mate Arete with Jesse Pinkman. Arete is from our cattery. Really strong type with long, strong body and cold, silky fur. Jesse Pinkman came from Madrid and our friends Angelina and Hugo. He is a long, strong, beautiful tabby boy.