Braya Daisy Quake of HG. RAG a 04.

This girl came from my breederfriend Lena Moltu. The parets is CH NO*Fagerlis Amarone and Asterions Quicksilver.
She has really super fur, strong body, strong head, well set and sized ears, and she is an all over beautiful girl.;6:1280413;2:1530896&g=4&p=rag&o=elastic

PL*Ragissa Bella JW, RAG n 04

Our beautiful princess PL*Ragissa Bella born 22 of oct 2017. RAG n 04. Parents Ragissa Tornado and Ragissa Galicia. She became Juniorwinner in july 2018. Nice type, beautiful look and really nice eyecolor.

NO*Fagerlis Luna, RAG a 04.

This beautiful girl is after IC NO*Fagerlis Arete JW and S*Asterion's Quicksilver. She has the most fantastic temper, and she has silky fur, she is big and strong and a nice type. Her eyes are Azure blue.;2:1530896&g=4&p=rag&o=elastic

NO*Fagerlis Honey Pie. RAG a 03.

This young girl is staying in the cattery. She is third generation born in our cattery.
She is a really a sweet girl, and I belive she will develope in to a great female. Strong girl with silky fur.;2:1454963&g=4&p=rag&o=elastic

CH NO*Fagerlis Hermione Granger, RAG a 03. This special girl is the daughter of IC NO*Fagerlis Arete JW. She is several times Best in Show in hard competition. Beautiful head and silky fur.

Del denne siden

NO*Fagerlis Pretty Amazing Grace. She is the daughter of Belle and Tytan. She has really good profile and expression, chin, ears and a silky fur.